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Cardiology Billing Services

is your billing strategy inefficient and leads to low coverage?

Is your management team stressed by the large number of features in cardiology medical billing? Are you facing the challenge of keeping up with the latest regulatory compliance? Why should you take the risk of audits and fines when you can easily avoid invoicing errors? You can get in touch with professionals like us to solve your problems. These professionals provide the best cardiology medical billing services that fit your budget. Pro Medical Billing Solutions is a top cardiology medical billing outsourcing company, providing a series of cardiology medical billing solutions, which can not only meet your surface requirements, but also the follow-up of implantable devices Processing, imaging in the office, reprogramming of ICD and ICM equipment for encoding, etc. Our solution will minimize the hassle of paperwork and optimize cash flow.

We Cover

Cardiology medical billing is the center of the health care revenue cycle system. This is a service that brings great value to cardiologists. When you outsource cardiology medical billing to Pro Medical Billing Solutions, we provide a variety of services so that you can continue to focus on patient care. Our qualified team of AAPC-certified coding and billing professionals will ensure that all functions from patient on-boarding to billing are managed smoothly. We use advanced cardiology medical billing software to achieve fast billing function. Pro Medical Billing Solutions cardiology medical billing services are as follows

Denial Analysis

AR Follow-up

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Web-based Electronic Recommendation

Claim Cleanup

Cardiology Medical Coding

Customized Reporting Software

Collection of Medical Documents

Pre Authorization

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Cardiology Medical Billing We Offer

Error-free and accurate coding and billing ensure the help of professionals with special knowledge on the latest revisions of heart disease, Medicaid and Medicare services. Our cardiology medical billing service is specifically designed to protect you from unnecessary errors that may lead to penalties and audits. Our past experience in CPT, HPCCS and ICD-9CPM coding standards enables us to meet your expectations. As part of cardiology medical billing, the sub-services we provide are as follows

Cardiology Denial Management

Rework denial requests are a resource-intensive process that allows more cardiologists to participate in administrative duties. This is not only unproductive, but also affects the income stream. This is our specialty. Our denial management professionals will work with you to ensure the completeness and correctness of the documents before resubmission. Our goal is to re-forward claims that can transfer treatment and diagnosis invoices to cardiologist’s payment.

Credentialing Service

Understanding the prerequisites for reimbursement is the key to avoiding payment conflicts in the future. Close cooperation with the government can solve this problem. And private insurance companies to understand their terms and conditions. We also process all accompanying documents to simplify revenue cycle management. Using our expertise, we can act on your behalf as an in-network provider and expedite the verification process to establish your credentials.


One of the main challenges of healthcare billing is to ensure pre-authorization for certain cardiac procedures and treatments. Insurance companies are pre-authorized adherents, because this is the main condition for reimbursement. Unapproved treatments and procedures are often reasons for denial of reimbursement. To overcome this risk, we work with patients, cardiologists and insurance companies to determine the coverage and non-insurance coverage.

AR Follow-up

Delayed payment of patients may undermine the stability of cash flow and revenue cycle management, especially in the case of rising health care costs. When you outsource cardiology medical billing services, we will track patient’s overdue invoices and send regular reminders via email and phone, urging them to clear all dues in time to avoid fines. This service is essential for cardiologists who do not have strong resources to recover unpaid invoices.

Medical Eligibility Verification

The patient’s portfolio is critical to qualifying for reimbursement. If the documentation is incomplete or incorrect, it may result in a delay or rejection of the claim, and the process may have to be reprocessed in whole or in part, which is time consuming and costly. We hope that your claim will be accepted the first time it is submitted. To this end, we will work by verifying the completeness and accuracy of the coverage information provided by patients.

Process We Follow

We handle cardiology medical billing professionally by ensuring maximum transparency in the process. This allows us to demonstrate the measurable results of your investment. Our steps to improve your cash flow are as follows

After assigning the project, we will appoint a team of coding experts to collect clinical data from your end. We collect and sort data in EHR for easy retrieval during and after the project.

We check with the insurance company to check the patient’s pre-authorization. We will also conduct patient eligibility checks to ensure compliance with the prerequisites of the insurer.

By using HIPAA approved methods, our medical coding staff will convert your clinical records into ICD, CPT and HCPCS medical codes, which will be reviewed before reimbursement to ensure compliance.

After encoding the clinical data, we compile the output into a recommended format accepted by the insurance company.

Before transmitting the data to the insurance company through the secure channel, we will verify that the billing data is correct and comply with regulatory requirements.

If a claim is returned due to a denial, we provide denial management services to re-evaluate the data and correct errors or provide missing records. Before resubmission, the quality of the documents will be checked again.