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External auditors may be better suited to spot errors or propose more effective procedures

If your private practice simply does not have enough resources to conduct thorough medical audits on a regular basis, you may need to hire external medical audit professionals to mitigate any issues that may affect your healthcare practice financial status.

The main advantage of external medical financial audit is objectivity. External auditors may be better suited to spot errors or propose more effective procedures. When deciding who to hire, you will want to make sure that they have extensive experience in financial accounting and medical office procedures.

Financial medical Audit We Offer

We are financial auditors of healthcare entities in many states, including healthcare systems, hospitals, physician practices, and long-term care facilities. PROMBS has extensive industry experience. Our professional medical billing auditors have an average of more than ten years of healthcare accounting experience.

Our team is composed of professionals who spend almost all of their time in the healthcare industry. Many accounting firms provide audit services. However, few people know enough about the healthcare industry to focus on the areas that pose the greatest risk to your organization. PROMBS has a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic operating environment of healthcare, which is an essential element for providing quality financial auditing and accounting services to healthcare companies.

Our structure and commitment to customer service give our senior management more meaningful time to attract customers to meet their needs

PROMBS provides unparalleled medical financial audit services in the healthcare industry. Our expertise in areas such as reimbursement, coding, and taxation allows us to effectively solve audit issues and assist clients in areas other than financial reporting.

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Benefits of Financial Medical Audit


If you don’t have a list of procedures that you want employees to follow, then internal audits are a good time to implement the list, and everyone should follow it regardless of their role. For example: Who has the authority to sign cheques? Is there an invoice and attached to each check? Using the checklist.


Although no practicing owner wants to consider embezzling public funds in the office, the internal audit will confirm that all collected funds have been deposited into your business account. You need to be extra careful when determining who should have access to payment and financial accounts.


If done correctly, the internal financial audit of the medical practice can ensure that your practice received the payment for what you actually billed. For review, you will:

View payroll procedures, including working hours and recorded vacation time