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Internal Medicine Medical Billing

are you troubled with the low billing range?

Internal Medicine Medical Billing Services

Are you troubled by the low billing range (excluding multi-specialty programs)? Is your internal employee’s incapable of handling complex coding issues, collaboration challenges, and contract issues? Are you often dissatisfied with the efficiency of the billing department? If so, please consider outsourcing your internal medicine billing to a multi-specialty billing company like ours to maximize profitable billing results. With Pro Medical Billing Solutions internal medical billing services, you can save nearly 40% of your income, which would otherwise be lost due to poor billing process. Therefore, when we can improve your efficiency in claim submission, rejection management and account reconciliation, why bother to endure delayed or short payments. By using reliable billing methods, technical and knowledgeable medical billers, we can promote higher claim approvals while reducing rejections.

We Provide Internal Medicine Billing Services

At Pro Medical Billing Solutions, we have highly experienced professionals who fully understand HIPAA compliance, and can perform due diligence and do their best to perform billing functions. Our specialization of the subset of internal medicine will enable hospitals and private internal medicine practitioners to collect payments in a timely manner without the risk of underpayment. As a part of internal medicine billing services, we provide solutions as follows

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We Provide Comprehensive Internal Medicine Billing Services

Pro Medical Billing Solutions prioritizes the operational transparency of internal medical billing services because we value the trust of our customers in our services. Therefore, we are committed to providing the best service and unparalleled support to bring you quick benefits without causing trouble. The steps we follow in the cross-medical medical billing service are as follows

Before authorization of the internal medicine care, we will perform a thorough eligibility assessment on the patient by considering the repayment capacity and authenticity of furnished records

We will carry out coding by considering the individual invoice for services availed as a part of the internal medicine care

The successfully coded invoices are billed appropriately by fulfilling the compliance needs. The bill will be finalized for further audits

The billed data will be run through checks to ensure errors are non-existent. Our qualified billing auditors will check the bills and issue a final authorization

The claims that return unfulfilled from the insurers are audited and any shortcoming is met with a checklist-based approach

A fully satisfying invoice is electronically transmitted to the insurer for claims fulfillment. The amount received will be posted in the client’s account

Why choose Pro Medical Billing Solutions to provide internal medicine billing service?

Pro Medical Billing Solutions is the leading provider of in-house internal medical billing support because we perform error-free coding and billing without extending the commitment period. We have simplified the internal medicine billing process, so you can manage your revenue cycle healthily. Here are more reasons why you should join our list of satisfied customers.