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Is your billing strategy inefficient and leads to low coverage?

Do you find it difficult to gain smooth management experience and generate better income? Does your organization lack well-trained resources to meet your revenue cycle management requirements? Then, the best option for your organization is to outsource revenue cycle management services to an experienced service provider. Service providers can not only help you get better revenue by reducing operating costs, but also provide your customers with a smooth management experience.

Pro Medical Billing Solutions provides high-quality and cost-effective revenue cycle management solutions to global customers. We can help you collect payments for submitted claims, increase income from outstanding claims, and follow up with insurance companies to quickly close the case. In addition, we can also help you complete medical billing and coding tasks, as well as complete patient registration and qualification verification.


We are financial auditors of healthcare entities in many states, including healthcare systems, hospitals, physician practices, and long-term care facilities. PROMBS has extensive industry experience. Our professional medical billing auditors have an average of more than ten years of healthcare accounting experience.

Our team is composed of professionals who spend almost all of their time in the healthcare industry. Many accounting firms provide audit services. However, few people know enough about the healthcare industry to focus on the areas that pose the greatest risk to your organization. PROMBS has a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic operating environment of healthcare, which is an essential element for providing quality financial auditing and accounting services to healthcare companies.

Our structure and commitment to customer service give our senior management more meaningful time to attract customers to meet their needs

PROMBS provides unparalleled medical financial audit services in the healthcare industry. Our expertise in areas such as reimbursement, coding, and taxation allows us to effectively solve audit issues and assist clients in areas other than financial reporting.


Our revenue cycle management services Revenue cycle management can have a significant impact on the way your hospital or medical practice operates. The rising cost of healthcare, coupled with the ever-changing strict regulations, makes daily operations a household chore for healthcare operators. Modern healthcare providers need appropriate policies and practices to maintain financial security. Through our customized revenue cycle solutions, you can see the obvious impact on daily operations, while benefiting from improved customer satisfaction and improved claims and returns. Whether you are a healthcare provider or a personal doctor, we can provide services that meet your exact needs. Our extensive healthcare revenue cycle management services include

We can help you deal with the patient's personal, demographic and all insurance-related information. At each step of the process, we ensure that we verify patient information. In this step, easily identifying insurance mismatches, wrong provider details, etc. can help you avoid direct losses.

Checking the eligibility of a patient can be time-consuming because it is a resource-intensive task. Our well-trained professionals will take care of you completely. They will check all medical documents, verify the patient's condition, and follow up with the patient if the supporting documents are insufficient. The final report will be archived to speed up processing.

Strict regulations and increasing out-of-pocket expenses have led to an increased risk of medical coding. Our accurate medical coding service can help you create and simplify patient records in a short period of time, while speeding up doctor payments. Our team is composed of Professional Coders. They work in accordance with the latest standards and methods established by CMS, Medicare contractors, AMA, medical associations and federal organizations.

Charge capture is very important because it can help doctors accurately record all the information about the services they provide. This information will then be sent to different payers and insurance companies for quick and timely reimbursement. We can process charges for multi specialties in a short span of time. We have extensive experience in handling

  Medical insurance
Third party liability
  Medical assistance
•  Managed healthcare
  Preferred provider organization
•  Indemnity insurance company
•  Worker compensation
We can manage electronic claim submission and paper claim submission. Our experienced team will prepare a statement of interest (EOB) and submit the claim to the insurance company.
• AR Analysis
• Identification of the grounds for claims denials
• Follow-ups on pending claims
We can also prepare monthly reports to help you manage cash flow and improve profitability. Including reports related to
• Aging A/R
• Charges, payments, and adjustments
• Payment punctuality for different Payers
• Payer mix
In this way, we provide a series of hospital revenue cycle management services that can help you work better.

We can ensure that all payments are posted to your billing system quickly and accurately. We also regularly review all posted payments, which helps reduce errors.

We will handle all discrepancies that cause delays or rejections of accounts receivable. Our Account receivable professionals will identify differences and deficiencies and take follow-up actions to ensure timely payment to medical service providers. Our team will follow up on pending claims, initiate collections and track down overdue payments to maximize cash flow.

Refusal of insurance claims is a major pain point in the global healthcare industry. We can help you analyze, correct and resubmit rejected claims. This process includes identifying rejections through CPT / HCPCS codes. After completing this operation, the reason for the denials will be analyzed and a detailed claims denial management report will be prepared. In this way, you can effectively manage claim rejections.

We will identify unpaid expenses that are causing bottlenecks in your revenue cycle management system and follow up on patient accounts that are in arrears. We will politely involve patients and urge them to pay unpaid dues in a timely manner. We will also call the insurance company to send details about the denied claim.

We have the necessary skills and expertise to provide clients with accurate and high-quality  healthcare collection services. We use the latest tools and technologies while providing first-class services.

We can help you identify patient accounts that need follow-up and take necessary steps to collect unpaid/unpaid claims. Our services include
• Analysis of accounts receivable
• Determine the reasons for rejecting the claim
Follow up on outstanding claims We can also prepare monthly reports to help you manage cash flow and improve profitability. Including reports related to.
• Aging
• Fees, payments and adjustments
• Punctuality of different payers

Payer combination in this way, we provide a series of hospital revenue cycle management services that can help you work better

We can help you successfully optimize your compliant Medicare report, which is extremely challenging, especially when federal and state regulations are constantly changing. We have expertise in understanding the multi-layered laws and applying them to ensure continuous and optimal medical expense reimbursement.

If you believe that the revenue stream is affected by manual or traditional management of back-end functions, then we will eliminate your concerns by providing high-quality

We work closely with hospitals and healthcare providers and provide professional services related to health insurance claims follow-up and denial of insurance claims. Our experienced and well-trained professionals enable healthcare providers to effectively resolve denials of claims in order to increase cash flow and reduce or eliminate write-offs.

Our team is composed of some of the most experienced and skilled accounts receivable conversion experts who can meet all your requirements. We use the latest tools and technologies while providing the best quality service.

If your revenue declines due to payment errors and data verification issues, please let us be your payment accuracy service provider and resolve payment issues within strict turnaround time. We take prudent measures to avoid errors and fix older errors to resolve payment errors.

Our service is ideal for healthcare providers who want to have the multiple looks for the RCM system and want to know that how it affects the bottom line. We create custom reports through a powerful dashboard that you can access from any location and any device. Our services include

  • Charges and payment reports          Surgery frequency and diagnosis report          Payment reimbursement report          Lockbox reconciliation report        Payer analysis report

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