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Our team of billing experts can help you verify insurance eligibility by checking and reviewing patient information and documents.

Pain Management

Pain management services are increasingly popular and becoming more and more important. With the increase in popularity, medical institutions that provide pain management services are expected to improve the experience of patients and provide unique services that meet the needs of patients. As such a demanding field, it is almost impossible for these practices to apply all of them to all aspects of service. This is when you can outsource pain management billing services so that you can fully focus on providing the best pain management services to your patients.

Pro Medical Billing Solutions is the top pain management billing service provider. For more than 15 years, we have been a part of this ever-evolving industry and have accumulated a wealth of experience, which has been helping us provide unparalleled pain management billing services and bring the greatest revenue to our customers.

Pain Management Billing Services We Offer

Pro Medical Billing Solutions provides hospitals, healthcare providers, and clinics with a series of pain management medical billing services and support to help these organizations deal with the complexities related to billing, coding and accounts receivable management, with the purpose of increasing revenue and Follow up with insurance companies to settle claims in a timely manner. This is the pain management billing service we provide


Insurance Eligibility Verification

Our team of billing experts can help you verify insurance eligibility by checking and reviewing patient information and documents. We will also review the documents and check for inconsistencies to make corrections, so that the chance of a claim being rejected is greatly reduced.


Patient Demographics Entry

Accurate entry of patient demographic information is essential to ensure that the information about the patient is accurate. Even the slightest mistake can cause a claim to be rejected. We have a team of skilled billing experts who can enter patient demographic data and check for errors to ensure that the information is correct.


Pain Management Coding Services

We have a team of coding experts who have in-depth knowledge of the most popular coding systems (such as ICD 10, CPT and HPCCS). We code the patient’s diagnosis and other procedures in accordance with the standards of the insurance company, and carry out quality checks and verifications to eliminate incorrect coding.


Pain Management Billing Charge Entry

We provide pain management billing entry, in which we enter accurate payment details and fees into the system based on the patient’s treatment. Our billing fee entry service will be checked multiple times for any errors to ensure that the information entered into the system for claim processing is accurate.


Pain Management Claim Submission

We check and verify all the information provided by the customer in order to submit the claim in a timely manner. When the claim submission occurs on time, it helps to ensure that payments are received on time, which helps maintain cash flow.


Pain Management AR Follow-up

One of the common reasons why so many practitioners fail to receive payment is that they have not followed up on the accounts receivable. The task of follow-up can be tiring. Our accounts receivable follow-up service can reduce your burden because we can continue to follow up and keep up-to-date.


Pain Management Payment Posting

Our payment posting service is most suitable for medical institutions that have a large number of payments posting requests from time to time. Our experts can help you with timely payment and refusal of payment to effectively meet your payment requirements.


Pain Management Denial Analysis

Our team of experienced billing experts specializes in denial analysis and management, and can help you when your claim is denied. We find out the exact reason for rejecting the claim and determine the key reason. This is done by correcting inconsistent information and providing correct information so that the claim can be resubmitted for acceptance.

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